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Brief description of combined bearings

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The combined bearing is assembled from two bearings from axial and radial direction, which reduces the volume of the bearing and simplifies the installation structure, thereby reducing the manufacturing cost. The radial and axial load carrying capacity of composite roller bearings are relatively large, and the accessories are highly replaceable. More and more applications are used in various mast lifting systems.
Combined roller bearings are mainly composed of the following parts.
1)Spindle head
The installation method of the combined bearing is welding, the specific method is to weld the spindle head to a plate with a round hole, and then assemble it with the gantry.
2)Main roller
The main roller is the main load carrier in the combined bearing. It mainly bears the load in the vertical direction and requires strong wear resistance, corrosion resistance and impact resistance. At the same time, the main roller can also be used as a single-direction load-bearing, because it itself is a roller bearing with a full roller structur..
3)Side roller
Side rollers are the secondary load carrier of combined bearings, which mainly bear horizontal loads and also require strong wear resistance, corrosion resistance and impact resistance. The side roller is essentially a roller bearing without an inner ring and full needle rollers. The inner part of the composite roller bearing is matched with the spindle and the shaft head.
Install the main roller and shaft head together to form a combined bearing.
The advantage of combined bearing
1) Reduce design and production costs. 
2) Bear high radial and axial loads. 
3) The guide rail is suitable for high dynamic and static loads. 
4) The bearing capacity can be well distributed on the guide rail, and guide rails have a long service life. 
5) Can be assembled by welding bolts, economical and practical. 
6) Easy replacement of bearing parts.
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