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Here is what you need to know about magnesium nitride

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What is magnesium nitride?
The chemical formula of magnesium nitride is Mg3N2. Molecular weight 100.95.Green-yellow to yellow-orange loose powder. The relative density is 2.71225. Soluble in acid, insoluble in ethanol. at 800℃ and decompose in water. Sublimation at 700℃ in a vacuum. It breaks down in air into Mg(OH)2 and NH3.Preparation: Mg(NH2)2 can be first prepared by reacting magnesium with nitrogen at high temperature, or ammonia is passed into the ether solution of MGET2, and then the latter is heated to red heat decomposition.
How to produce magnesium nitride?
Magnesium nitride can be used to determine water content in alcohol-containing fuels. Magnesium nitride is a very wide range of applications of inorganic compounds, it can be used for the preparation of high hardness, high thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, wear-resistance and high-temperature resistance of other elements of nitride, the preparation of special ceramic materials. Production methods Magnesium nitride can be produced by the reaction of magnesium powder with nitrogen at high temperatures. The above reactions, if the nitrogen is not pure, are likely to produce products containing magnesium oxide. A better way is to react in dry NH3 gas. The magnesium chips are placed in a porcelain boat or sintered magnesium oxide boat. The boat is mounted in a porcelain tube. One end of the porcelain tube is connected to a T-tube, one end of which can be fed with dry ammonia and the other end with nitrogen.
The ends of the porcelain tube are connected to a U-shaped tube, which is filled with a desiccant, one half of which is a small flake of CaO and the other half of which is a small flake of KOH.
The exhaust gas from the reaction tube is absorbed by an absorption device consisting of two conical flasks containing dilute sulfuric acid. To prevent aspiration, the catheter of the first absorber flask should not be inserted below the dilute sulfuric acid level. Infuse dry NH3 and N2 gas into the porcelain tube, until the second absorption bottle no longer bubbles, indicating that the air in the porcelain tube has been flushed out. When the magnesium powder is heated to 800 ~ 850℃ for 4h, the magnesium powder becomes hot, marking the beginning of the reaction. At the same time, H2 must be produced. In the reaction process, the pressure of NH3 should be greater than the external atmospheric pressure, so as not to reverse suction. At the end of the reaction, NH3 is closed and N21.5his continued at the original temperature to remove NH3 adsorbed on Mg3N2. Mg3N2 is extremely deliquescent and must be kept in a dry container.
Uses of Magnesium nitride
Magnesium nitride is very versatile. Magnesium nitride is an indispensable sintering assistant in the solid-phase reaction of new ceramic materials such as boron nitride and silicon nitride with high hardness, high thermal conductivity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance. Magnesium nitride plays an important role in the recovery of nuclear fuel, the purification of magnesium alloy melt and catalysis in the formation of HBN reaction. In addition, Mg3N2 as an additive can effectively desulfurize and increase alum, so as to improve the density, strength, tensile force and bearing force of steel.
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