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Advanced energy materials: DC friction Nanogenerator

wallpapers News 2020-07-26
As a new energy technology

friction nano generator can effectively convert all kinds of mechanical energy into electrical energy especially in the collection of micro low-frequency mechanical energy. In traditional friction nanogenerators pulsed AC output is obtained by periodically changing the distance or contact area between materials with opposite charges. Some necessary rectification measures such as rectifier bridge brush power management circuit are needed to obtain DC signals suitable for driving electronic devices storage but this reduces the portability energy efficiency of friction nano generator to a certain extent. In addition the pulse AC output will lead to a higher peak factor (the ratio of peak to root mean square of output signal). Even after rectification the peak factor of traditional friction nano generator is still very high which means that the output is unstable. The traditional output characteristics of these friction nanogenerators limit their wider applications. In this case it is particularly important to develop a new type of friction nano generator which can directly convert mechanical energy into DC energy.

recently Yang Ya researcher of Beijing Institute of nano energy systems Chinese Academy of Sciences his collaborators comprehensively summarized the latest development of DC friction electric nanogenerators. As a new member of friction nano generator family DC friction nano generator with new materials structures can produce DC output which is more suitable for energy storage direct drive electronic products. The researchers of

reviewed the development of DC friction nanogenerators focusing on the working principle of DC friction nanogenerators based on various strategies. According to the material classification it can be divided into DC friction nano generator based on insulator DC friction nano generator based on semiconductor. The DC voltage output of various friction nanogenerators based on insulator can reach kV the peak factor is close to 1. Then a semiconductor based DC friction Nanogenerator with lower internal impedance higher output current density is introduced. The friction tunneling the charge transfer in the friction voltage effect at the semiconductor interface are discussed introduced in detail. Finally the important factors affecting the output of DC friction nano generator its main applications are summarized the possible challenges future development direction of DC friction nano generator are discussed.

through the first summary review of DC friction nano generator a new energy technology researchers are looking forward to attracting more attention efforts from the scientific research community. With the emergence of more research on DC friction nano generator it is expected to make a greater breakthrough in this field.

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