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Advanced functional materials: exploring the effect of amplitude modulation decomposition on magnetism in supersolid solution high entropy alloys

wallpapers News 2020-08-23

high entropy alloy was initially considered to have a very high configuration entropy which enables the high entropy alloy to maintain single-phase or multiphase solid solution state. It is found that some high entropy alloys with solid solution state have excellent mechanical properties multifunctional properties which make this kind of materials get extensive attention. However with the deepening of the research it is found that not all high entropy alloys have stable solid solution state most of the high entropy alloys will produce phase separation precipitation of intermetallic compounds with the change of temperature. Compared with traditional materials whether these non solid solution high entropy alloys also have excellent versatility is a scientific problem that needs to be explored.

D In order to solve this problem the scientific research team of Professor Raabe Professor Li Zhiming of Central South University Professor Hu Wenjun of South University of science technology studied the metastable high entropy alloy with global amplitude modulation decomposition. It was found that the Curie temperature of the alloy can be greatly improved by aging the high entropy alloy at medium temperature which can produce uniform distribution regular morphology coherent interface Improve magnetic properties. The first principle calculation reveals that this huge magnetism increases from the large coherent stress provided by the spinodal decomposition structure in the high entropy alloy matrix.

compared with the widely studied high entropy alloys with solid solution morphology the high entropy alloys with metastable steady state amplitude modulated decomposition microstructure have rarely been studied for their functionality. It is very difficult to design high entropy alloys with global am decomposition because high entropy alloys have four or more elements so it is very difficult to calculate the corresponding phase diagram as a reference for alloy design. The team successfully designed the first high entropy alloy with global am decomposition. The results of in-situ TEM show that Cu rich phase Fe Co rich phase are formed after aging at medium temperature which have complex high entropy alloy composition coherent face centered cubic structure. Through the analysis of three-dimensional atomic probe it is found that the composition volume of the two phases increase periodically with time in the process of 600 ℃ heating which is in line with the typical characteristics of amplitude modulation decomposition. Compared with the alloy without aging treatment

have uniform distribution regular morphology coherent amplitude modulation decomposition structure after aging for 240 hours. The Curie temperature is increased by 48% while the magnetization at room temperature is increased by 70%. The first principle calculation shows that the coherent stress after aging treatment is between 1.5% 4%. This huge coherent stress comes from the special complex composition environment of high entropy alloy which greatly improves the magnetic properties of the alloy. This research result greatly broadens the design concept application of high entropy alloy magnetism opens up a new way method for the development of advanced functional materials with excellent magnetism. This work is also supported by NSFC NSFC NSFC innovation driven funds of Hunan Province.

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