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Advanced functional materials: fabrication of high performance foldable solid state supercapacitors using functional groups of PSEUDOCAPACITORS and mxene nanosheets on the surface of fabric electrodes

wallpapers News 2020-12-24

with the continuous development of science technology the continuous improvement of people's living stards people's dem for small thin lightweight wearable portable electronic products is growing day by day which promotes the rapid development of flexible energy storage devices. As the core component of flexible supercapacitor electrode should not only provide high specific capacitance but also have good flexibility mechanical properties. So far a large number of energy storage devices are built directly on graphene paper carbon nanotube film metal sheet fabric materials. Among them textile based energy storage devices (teesds) have many attractive features such as good flexibility high mechanical strength light weight can be industrialized. The use of fabric matrix fiber network framework can not only alleviate the aggregation problem of loaded nano active materials but also make the whole electrode free of polymer binding agent metal collector so as to improve the specific capacity of the whole device. In view of these inherent advantages of fabric materials the design of energy storage devices based on fabric is considered to be very promising in medical tracking system skin electronics household electronic products other applications. Flexible solid state supercapacitor (FSSC) is one of the most important fabric based energy storage devices due to its high power density security. However it is difficult to achieve a good balance in electrochemical performance mechanical stability processing technology.

Professor Yuan Guohui of Harbin Institute of technology Professor Li Xifei of Xi'an University of technology have designed a high-performance tailorable wearable foldable solid-state supercapacitor which can well balance the electrochemical performance mechanical stability processing technology of energy storage devices. The

flexible cathode materials are oxygen / nitrogen functionalized carbon fiber fabric (oncft) which is prepared by one-step chemical oxidation of nitrogen-containing carbon fiber fabric (ncft) while the flexible anode materials are mxene modified nitrogen-containing carbon fiber fabric (mncft) which is obtained by impregnating mxene ink with positively charged ncft. In the three electrode system the two electrode materials show the same rate performance capacitance performance as carbon materials traditional pseudo capacitor materials. It is also important that the active parts of the two flexible electrodes show a tight skin layer structure which basically avoids the risk of the active materials falling off during mechanical deformation. Using these two materials to construct solid-state asymmetric supercapacitors the voltage window can reach 1.6V the energy density can reach 277.3 μ wh cm-2 (16.3 wh kg-1). At the same time the device shows good capacity retention under severe mechanical shape can realize folding cutting functions. Under the current density of 50 Ma cm-2 the device can realize 30000 charge discharge cycles the capacity retention rate can reach 90%. Because the composition of the whole device is very simple can be produced on a large scale this energy storage device shows potential practical value.

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