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Advanced materials: negatively charged nanosheets significantly improve the energy storage performance of polymer based nanocomposites

wallpapers News 2020-09-22

dielectric capacitors have become the core devices of smart grid frequency modulation electromagnetic gun other high-energy weapon systems due to their ultra fast charging discharging rate ultra-high power density have broad application prospects in new energy electric vehicles wearable electronics other fields. Among them the flexible polymer with low cost easy processing high voltage resistance is one of the most potential capacitor dielectric materials. However the low energy storage density caused by its low dielectric constant limits the requirements of the electronic industry for miniaturization high performance. To solve this problem researchers put forward a strategy that is inorganic fillers with high dielectric constant are added to polymer matrix to prepare high energy storage density composites. However the addition of inorganic materials with high volume fraction will reduce the breakdown electric field strength of the composites which will affect the safety life of the composites. Therefore it is an urgent problem to improve the breakdown field strength while increasing the dielectric constant. Recently Professor Li Xiaoguang Professor Yin Yuewei of University of science technology of China together with Professor Shen Yang of Tsinghua University have made important progress in the field of high energy storage density flexible capacitors. The researchers skillfully use the local reverse electric field with negatively charged inorganic filler to suppress the generation of secondary collision electrons thus hindering the formation development of the breakdown phase thus improving the breakdown field strength energy storage density of the composite. This strategy can be extended to different flexible polymer dielectric materials which provides a new feasible scheme for the design of high energy storage capacitors in the future. The researchers of

prepared polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) matrix composites with a small amount of negatively charged 2-dimensional ca2nb3o10 fillers stretched them unidirectionally to make the fillers parallel to the surface of the matrix. By increasing the dielectric constant the high breakdown field strength (~ 792 mvgm) energy storage density (~ 36.2 J / cm3) were obtained. The energy storage density of the flexible capacitor is the highest among the reported polymer matrix composites which is 18 times of that of the best commercial biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film capacitor even more than that of the commercial electrochemical capacitor (20-29 J / cm3). In addition compared with PVDF matrix the young's modulus of the composites is also significantly improved while the leakage current density remains at a low level which is beneficial to avoid the occurrence of electromechanical breakdown electrothermal breakdown respectively. In order to further verify the universality of the strategy the researchers verified the important role of negative charge of nano fillers in suppressing electrical breakdown based on phase field simulation finite element calculation also achieved a significant increase in breakdown field strength energy storage density in polystyrene (PS) matrix composites. This research work provides a new idea for the practical application of high energy density flexible dielectric energy storage materials in the future. Relevant achievements of

were published online in advanced materials with the title of "negatively charged nanosheets significantly enhance the energy storage capacity of polymer based nanocomposites"( DOI:10.1002/adma.201907227 )It's on. The research is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China the national key R & D program of the Ministry of science technology the "double first class" talent team platform project of University of science technology of China.

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