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Advanced materials: quasi one dimensional boron alkene chain mixed phase

wallpapers News 2020-11-27

single element two-dimensional materials have attracted much attention due to their important physical properties great potential applications in nano electronic devices. Borophene is a two-dimensional planar structure composed of boron. It is theoretically believed that it has excellent physical properties such as metallicity high mechanical flexibility high thermal conductivity etc. which are not inferior to graphene. It may also have quantum properties such as Dirac electron superconductivity etc. Due to the lack of a valence electron of boron atom relative to carbon atom the chemical bond between boron atoms is more complex. The plane structure formed is a hole structure based on triangular close packed lattice. According to the different arrangement of holes a variety of boron alkene atomic structures are formed. In 2016 researchers Wu Kehui Chen Lan from the State Key Laboratory of surface physics Institute of physics Chinese Academy of Sciences took the lead in using ultra-high vacuum molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) to directly construct the single-layer boron alkene on Ag (111) substrate found that a variety of pure phases of boron alkene correspond to different periodic hole structures in the triangular lattice (Nature Chem. 8 564 (2016) )。 At the same time they also found that these different pure boron alkenes are essentially composed of quasi one-dimensional boron chains with different widths. Intuitively if these different kinds of quasi one-dimensional boron chains are used as building units for orderly mixing it is possible to construct a new artificial boron alkene phase. It can not only enrich the diversity of the structure of boronene but also construct two-dimensional boron structure with novel quantum properties enrich its physical properties.

based on this inspiration Wu Kehui Chen Lan's team continue to carry out in-depth research on the controllable preparation of boron alkene atomic structure. Recently they have successfully obtained different long-range ordered phase structures on Ag (100) single crystal surface by molecular beam epitaxy. They found that the two boron alkene phases obtained in the experiment are long-range ordered phases a C which are composed of two different kinds of boron chains [(23) chain (22) chain] mixed by the ratio of 2:1 1:2 respectively. And the two mixed phases with different chain ratios can be well separated according to the crystal direction of the substrate that is the 2:1 chain ratio of bornene rotates 74 ° along the highly symmetrical direction of Ag (100) the 1:2 chain ratio rotates 74 ° relative to the [110] direction of Ag (100). They combined the scanning microscope to reveal the formation mechanism of the mixing chain. They believe that the lattice matching the orientation of boron chain relative to the substrate play an important role in the formation of the two mixed phases due to the modulation of the interaction between the structural unit of boron alkene the surface interface of Ag (100). In particular the strain of the obtained long-range mixtures is smaller than that of the pure borates the interaction with the substrate is weaker which indicates that they may exhibit the inherent physical properties of the independent borates (without substrate support) predicted theoretically. The structural diversity of

borones makes them a promising material system for continuously adjusting physical or chemical properties. The successful growth of the mixed phase not only confirms the diversity adjustability of the structure of boron alkenes but also is expected to deepen the influence of substrate customization on the synthesis of boron alkenes which provides a promising method for the preparation of new boron alkenes by substrate modulation.

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