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Application and preparation method of bismuth

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Bismuth molecular formula Bi, bismuth powder is a non-ferrous metal powder, the character is light gray. Its use is very wide, mainly used in the preparation of bismuth products, bismuth alloy and bismuth compounds.
The physical and chemical activity of Bismuth powder
Bismuth powder can spontaneously ignite in chlorine gas and combine with bromine, iodine, sulfur and selenium to form trivalent compounds when heated. Insoluble in dilute hydrochloric acid and dilute sulfuric acid, soluble in nitric acid and concentrated sulfuric acid to form trivalent bismuth salt. Bismuth was discovered in 1753 by Ingiphor Rooftwall. There are two forms in nature: free state and combined state. The main minerals are bismuthite, bismuth China and so on. Abundance in the Chemicalbook crust is 2.0×10 -- 5%. It is mainly used for making low melting point alloy (melting point above 45℃ and below 100℃), used as automatic fire extinguishing device, fuse and solder in fire fighting and electrical industry. Also used for making movable type alloy, medicine and so on. Bismuth trioxide is prepared by calcining bismuthite and then is copolymerized with carbon to obtain bismuth.
Chemical properties of Bismuth powder
Silver white or reddish metal, metallic luster, hard brittle, rhombic system of coarse grain crystal. The melting temperature of 271.3 ℃. Boiling point (1560 + / - 5 ℃. Relative density 9.80. Soluble in hot sulfuric acid Chemicalbook, nitric acid, aqua regia, slowly soluble in hot hydrochloric acid, insoluble in water. Stable at room temperature, it burns with light blue flame and produces yellow or brown bismuth oxide. The molten metal increases in volume as it condenses.
The Main uses of bismuth powder
(1) for fireproof equipment, metal contact, heat conduction medium used in low melt (fusible) alloy components.
(2) for the preparation of the drug Chemical book for the treatment of stomach diseases and syphilis.
(3) for electrical equipment (thermoelectric alloys and permanent magnets).
(4) as a catalyst, especially in the preparation of acrylonitrile.
(5) high temperature ceramics and pigments.
Other USES of Bismuth powder
Use for the preparation of semiconductor high purity materials and high purity bismuth compounds. Used as a coolant in atomic reactors.
Used as analytical reagent, coolant in atomic reactor, and also used in the preparation of high purity bismuth compounds
Used for making low melting point alloy, Chemicalbook nuclear reactor coolant, bismuth amalgam, bismuth salt etc
Use as coolant for atomic reactor, for the preparation of high purity bismuth compounds
Use in the preparation of bismuth compounds, low melting point alloys and solder flux
Uses are mainly used in making bismuth products and bismuth alloys.
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