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High Resolution Liquid Chromatography Flowmeter

wallpapers News 2021-01-02

TESTA Analytical Solutions e.K. has developed a new compact flowmeter which enables continuous measurement of flow rate without interference in liquid chromatography systems.

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Flow rate is one of the most important parameters in any liquid chromatography system, it determines retention time or volume and has by nature a major influence on reproducibility.

Compatible with all HPLC and GPC/SEC solvents, the new TESTA Liquid Chromatography Flowmeter is conveniently sized and powers itself from a USB connection. A modern PC based app allows continuous recording and storage of the measured flow rates. The current flow rate is also displayed on the flowmeter’s integral high-resolution OLED Display, allowing easy control of current flow value.

Extraordinary high resolution and wide dynamic range makes the Liquid Chromatography flowmeter the perfect flow monitoring tool for the most demanding HPLC and GPC/SEC systems.

The new high resolution device is available as an off-the-shelf unit and also can be tailored as an optimised OEM module for chromatography instrument company's interesting in taking advantage of this exciting new technology.

For further information on the new high-resolution Liquid Chromatography flowmeter please visit https://oem.testa-analytical.com/flowmeter-request-oem.html or contact Testa Analytical Solutions on 49-30-864-24076 / [email protected].

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