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Nano select: using constrained interface vibration to generate and manipulate flying droplets

wallpapers News 2020-11-22

micro droplet generation manipulation technology has always been the core technology in the field of microfluidic technology. All microfluidic operations based on discrete droplets are inseparable from droplet generation droplet manipulation. For droplet generation there are two ways of active generation passive generation according to whether there is additional energy input in the process of generation; for droplet manipulation there are also many kinds of manipulation mechanisms such as sound light force heat electricity magnetism. Although there are many mechanisms technologies for droplet generation manipulation most of the droplet generation technologies do not have the ability of droplet manipulation droplet manipulation technology does not have the ability to generate droplets. Therefore it is necessary to use two sets of equipment at the same time to complete the two basic tasks of droplet generation manipulation.

In order to solve this problem Zhang Yanzhen research group of

Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory of China University of Petroleum (East China) proposed a new method of using the vibration of constrained interface to generate control droplets at the same time. By adjusting the vibration amplitude the fast seamless switching between droplet generation droplet operation can be realized the size driving speed of generated droplets can also be controlled. The research team of

found that by applying appropriate positive negative voltage signals to the piezoelectric driving elements of the nozzle the liquid in the nozzle can be squeezed out sucked back at the nozzle hole so as to realize the boundary (surface) vibration constrained by the nozzle hole. When the vibration occurs in the gas environment it is only a simple surface vibration; but if it occurs in the liquid environment under the action of the viscous force inertial force of the surrounding liquid the large curvature deformation of the interface will occur in the process of suction a small droplet whose size is far smaller than the orifice will be generated. The experimental results show that the minimum size of the droplet can reach one fortieth of the size of the orifice that is the droplet with a diameter of 40 μ M can be generated with a diameter of 1 μ M. In addition to the orifice size the droplet size can also be adjusted by suction speed vibration amplitude interfacial tension liquid viscosity other parameters. In the liquid environment the vibration can not only generate droplets but also push pull the surrounding liquid. Continuous vibration can make the surrounding liquid form a local directional flow field which has directional driving effect on the generated droplets. It is found that when the vibration amplitude is less than a certain critical value the vibration can only make the surrounding liquid form a directional flow field but not droplets. Therefore using this feature the fast seamless switching between droplet generation droplet manipulation can be realized. This technique can realize the on-dem generation precise manipulation of flying lift droplets only by using the vibration of the constrained interface. It is of great significance to simplify the current microfluidic system.

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