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Small: N-doped carbon coated willow shaped ZnSe as anode material for high performance Na and K secondary batteries

wallpapers News 2020-08-29

sodium ion potassium ion secondary batteries are considered as new ideal secondary batteries which are expected to replace lithium ion secondary batteries with limited reserves high price in the future due to their abundant sodium potassium resources wide distribution area similar physical chemical properties with lithium. However the obvious volume expansion effect during the charging discharging process will lead to the pulverization agglomeration of the electrode material structure resulting in the rate performance cycle life of the battery can not meet the actual needs.

to solve the above problems Professor Xu Liqiang of Shong University Dr. Dong Caifu Professor Jiang Fuyi of Yantai University have carried out systematic in-depth studies on the micro / nano structure performance regulation of zinc based metal compounds. N-doped carbon coated willow like ZnSe was synthesized by mild solvothermal subsequent selenization( ZnSe@NC )。 In particular the obtained materials show outsting rate performance (the reversible specific capacities are 440.3 MAH g − 1 144.4 MAH g − 1 at 0.1 A G − 1 10 a G − 1 current density) ultra long cycle life (the reversible specific capacity can still be maintained at 242.2 MAH g − 1 after 3200 cycles at 8 A G − 1 current density). When used as the anode material of potassium ion battery it also shows good cycle stability. At the current density of 0.2 a G − 1 after 1500 cycles its reverse specific capacity can still reach 71.4 MAH g − 1. The kinetic analysis of its outsting electrochemical properties was carried out by means of galvanostatic intermittent titration (GITT) cyclic voltammetry (CV) electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) with different sweep rates. The results show that the high pseudo capacitance contribution low reaction impedance charge transfer impedance are the important reasons for the excellent properties of the materials. In addition the mechanism of charge discharge mechanism was studied by combining non in situ XRD HRTEM analysis.

are expected to provide important experimental data reference technical support for the development of a series of new high-performance electrode materials for sodium ion potassium ion batteries.

Dr. Dong Caifu lecturer of Yantai University is

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