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Small: hierarchical multi cavity nitrogen doped carbon nanospheres for fast and long life sodium selenium batteries

wallpapers News 2020-08-19

Na se battery has high theoretical volume capacity (3253 MAH cm-3) theoretical specific capacity (678 MAH g-1). Moreover it is rich in selenium raw materials environment-friendly cheap. At the same time compared with insulating sulfur semiconductor selenium shows good electronic conductivity which is considered as one of the high specific energy battery systems with broad application prospects. However there are still many problems such as slow dissolution kinetics of selenium large scale conversion of sodium so on. It is a great scientific challenge to study how to solve these problems in the charge discharge process of sodium selenium battery so as to improve the capacity service life of the battery.

recently the research group of Wen Zhenhai researcher of Fujian Institute of material structure Chinese Academy of Sciences the research group of Professor Zhan Hongbing of Fuzhou University have carried out relevant cooperative research. Nitrogen doped carbon nanospheres with hierarchical multi cavity structure are prepared by self sacrificial template method. This method is different from the method of chemical etching template which is often reported in literature to obtain hollow structure It is found that the self-assembly process is accompanied by a mild high-temperature hydrothermal etching phenomenon so that the hierarchical multi cavity structure can be obtained in one step. This method is not only simple to prepare but also can avoid the chemical template collapse. When it is used as selenium carrier its macroporous hollow inner cavity is conducive to the realization of high-quality selenium loading the microporous / mesoporous hollow shell is similar to the micro electrochemical nano reactor. Theoretical calculation systematic electrochemical performance test show that its unique multi cavity structure combined with its surface functionalized amino group to form a high conductivity stable three-dimensional carbon conductive network not only for the charge discharge process The shuttle of polyselenide not only has an effective physical-chemical barrier effect but also realizes efficient in-situ anchoring diffusion transformation of polyselenide so as to obtain rapid oxidation kinetics. Based on the above advantages the sodium selenium battery assembled by hierarchical multi cavity nitrogen doped carbon nanospheres / selenium composite cathode shows excellent cycle stability (418 MAH g-1 after 2000 cycles at 2C high current density) high rate performance (377 MAH g-1 specific discharge capacity at 20c) volume capacity (863 MAH g-1 at 1c) It has great potential in the field of high current fast charging. The proposal of

hierarchical multi cavity structure opens up a new idea for the design of efficient low-cost functional materials for sodium selenium batteries opens up a new way for the development of other efficient energy storage devices.

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