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Small structures: a new favorite of cathode materials for potassium ion batteries! The rise of Prussian blue polymers

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lithium resources price fluctuations make the application of lithium-ion batteries in large-scale energy storage devices greatly limited. Therefore researchers at home abroad are eager to find a kind of electrochemical energy storage equipment with low price safety environmental protection high energy density to meet the growing dem for renewable energy. Potassium ion battery has the characteristics of low reduction potential abundant Potassium Resources in the crust environmental protection. It perfectly inherits the "rocking chair" working principle of lithium-ion battery has smaller solvation ion radius which makes the electrolyte of potassium ion battery have better conductivity. Therefore it is expected to become the first choice for large-scale electrochemical energy storage. Different from the huge commercial application prospect of graphite anode materials in potassium ion batteries the problems of poor cycle stability rate performance low specific capacity working voltage of cathode materials for potassium ion batteries make the related research progress slow which seriously restricts the practical application of potassium ion batteries. Prussian blue polymer is considered to be the most commercial cathode material for potassium ion battery because of its simple preparation low raw material cost diverse components high theoretical specific capacity (170 mahg-1) excellent cycle stability. However there are few researches on the application of Prussian blue polymers in potassium ion batteries so this field is still in the primary stage of research it needs the close attention of experts scholars.

Professor Wang Guoxiu of Sydney University of science technology Australia based on the characteristics of Prussian blue polymer in crystal structure chemical composition reaction mechanism the application of advanced Prussian blue polymer cathode materials in aqueous non aqueous potassium ion batteries was introduced the corresponding modification methods were discussed in detail. The authors believe that Prussian blue polymer cathode materials show better electrochemical performance in potassium ion batteries than traditional lithium-ion batteries sodium ion batteries. At the same time Prussian blue polymers are still faced with the disadvantages of poor conductivity thermal stability so it is urgent to explore effective feasible modification methods. In the end the development opportunities challenges of Prussian blue polymer like cathode materials were prospected the application prospect of Prussian blue polymer like cathode materials in aqueous potassium ion battery system was pointed out.

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