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What is AC EV charger?

wallpapers News 2021-06-15
What is AC EV charger?
AC EV charger refers to a special power supply device that uses conduction to provide AC power for electric vehicles with onboard chargers.
AC EV charger are a kind of charging and swapping facility for electric vehicles. The single-phase charging pile has a maximum rated power of 7kW, which is mainly suitable for charging small passenger vehicles (pure electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles). According to the battery capacity of the vehicle configuration, the time to fully charge is generally 3-8 hours.
The maximum rated power of the three-phase AC charging pile is 43KW (some websites report 44KW)! Three-phase AC charging piles are mostly used for fast charging of European electric vehicles. Generally, fast charging requirements are stipulated: charging up to 80% of the battery capacity in half an hour
This is the most common charging method for electric vehicles with a plug. When plugging an electric vehicle into a normal charge point, the power gets converted inside the vehicle, then moves into the car battery.
Is an EV charger AC or DC?
Fast chargers for electric vehicles make use of DC charging; they convert the power before it enters the vehicle. After conversion, the power goes directly into the car battery, bypassing the car's converter. A DC installation requires a lot of power from the grid (around 125 A).
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