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What is KOYO Bearing?

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What is KOYO Bearing?
KOYO Bearing is one of the four major bearing production groups in Japan. With world-class production and control equipment, KOYO Bearing has eight main production plants in Japan, including Tokyo, Nara, Odita, Toyohashi, Takamatsu, Tokushima, and Kameyama. All Passed the ISO9001 certification, overseas has boasted several production bases and research institutions in Europe, Asia, North and South America.
Koyo is one of the most recognized names in bearings, manufacturing products that are designed for virtually any application that relies on needle bearings. Under JTEKT North America, they produce bearings that have a global reach.
The main product types of KOYO bearings
The leading products of KOYO bearings are KOYO rolling bearings, KOYO deep groove ball bearings, KOYO high-precision bearings, KOYO self-aligning bearings, KOYO seated bearings, KOYO flat ball bearings, KOYO short cylindrical roller bearings, KOYO linear guide bearings, KOYO ball wires Rod bearings, KOYO miniature linear guide bearings, KOYO cross roller guide bearings, KOYO reciprocating rotary bush bearings, KOYO ball sliding group bearings, KOYO cam follower bearings.
KOYO bearing measurement
In principle, the allowable measurement error can be allowed to be less than 10% of the tolerance.
In order to reduce the measurement error of the probe radius and the pressure of the measuring table, it is necessary to reduce the pressure-measurement force of the measuring table within the possible range and increase the radius of curvature of the probe. When measuring the inner and outer diameters of KOYO bearings, the measuring force used and the radius of curvature of the probe can be selected by reference.
Measurement area regulations
For the measurement of the inner diameter or outer diameter of KOYO bearings, domestic regulations stipulate that the measurement is within the area of ​​the largest chamfering coordinate away from the south end of the ring, while in foreign countries, it is mostly specified as the area leaving the two ends of the ring with twice the chamfering coordinate. Measure within.
Size standard
In the measurement of KOYO bearing dimensional tolerances using the comparative measurement method, the gauge block or standard part is specified as the size benchmark for comparison measurement. The gauge block must meet the requirements of the standard JB/T1078 "Gauge Block", and the standard parts must conform to the manufacturer's supervisor Departmental regulations.
Temperature conditions during measurement
The ambient temperature during measurement is specified as 20°C. The temperature of KOYO bearings, gauge blocks, standard parts and measuring instruments must be the same. The above method of putting them on the same metal plate can quickly achieve the necessary temperature balance. Otherwise, it will take several hours or even days to reach such a balance.
KOYO bearing supplier
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