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What is foam concrete equipment?

wallpapers News 2021-06-09
Foam concrete equipment is a kind of equipment used to make foam concrete. It can be used for wall pouring, roof insulation layer, high-rise concrete conveying, saving time and effort.
Equipment advantages
The complete set of foam concrete equipment includes: electronic batching machine, conveying machine, foaming mixer, mould lifting ferry, cutting machine, palletizer and mould.

Foam mixing host
1. Feeding method: all materials, water, foaming agent, and small materials are measured by computer, and the materials are automatically loaded in sequence without gaps, which saves time.
2. Stirring method: vertical stirring, uniform slurry dispersion
3. Foaming method: chemical foaming, after unloading into the mold box, the chemical reaction generates gas, and it slowly foams to the designed volume
4. Foaming material: aluminum powder foaming, uniform and stable 5. Forming method: each mold produces 1m³, cut into small pieces
5. Cutting machine
6. Production mode: circular automatic production line, PLC computer programming control, high efficiency
7. Cutting method: saw blade hard cutting, can be cut to the end at one time, limited by demoulding time is very small, and the cutting surface is beautiful and tidy
8. Demoulding method: automatic demoulding machine, smooth demoulding, intact blanks, and the mould box can move horizontally

Process flow
1. Metering ingredients The raw materials for pouring cement, fly ash (sand), aluminum powder, etc. are respectively measured by the corresponding automatic weighing scale, and then mixed at high speed in the mixer, and poured into the mold box for bubble combing. The entire system is automatically controlled by PLC to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the process operation.
2. After pouring the mold lifting and cutting machine, the mold can be lifted up after two hours of static incubation, leaving the foam concrete block body. Gongyi Shield mechanical cutting machine adopts six-sided cutting scheme. The high-efficiency and smooth cutting machine and the waste peeling and turning device are the core equipment. The cutting machine can cut the body whether it is dry or wet.
3. After static curing leave the factory, the cut foam concrete bricks can get the final strength and performance before leaving the factory, curing for 7 days.

Specifications and performance of foam concrete equipment
Foam concrete equipment can produce 600 (400) × 200 × 100, 600 (400) × 200 × 200, 600 (400) × 200 × 300, 600 (400) × 200 × 240, 600 (400) × 200 × 250, 600(400)×100×300, etc., as long as it is not the standard brick size, it can be cut.
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