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How To Prevent Nickel Poisoning?

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Nickel is a transition metal element with element symbol Ni, located in group VIII of the fourth period, with atomic number 28. Nickel is a silver-white metal with good mechanical strength and ductility. It is insoluble in water and has strong corrosion resistance to acids and alkalis, but it is easily soluble in dilute nitric acid and aqua regia. High temperature resistance, melting point 1455 °C, boiling point 2730 °C. The density is 8.902g/cm³. It can be used to make currency, etc. It can be plated on other metals to prevent rust.
Smoking easily causes lung cancer. One of the reasons is that nickel is a relatively high content of 49 trace elements contained in cigarettes, which has irritating and damaging effects on lungs and respiratory tract. More importantly, nickel combines with carbon monoxide in smoke to form carbonyl groups. Caused by.
The reason for the high incidence of lung cancer among workers in refining nickel is also the result of inhalation of the generated nickel pollutants into the human body.
The survey showed that the nickel content in well water, river water, soil and rock is positively correlated with the mortality rate of nasopharyngeal cancer.
Nickel may also be one of the pathogenic factors of leukemia. The content of nickel in serum of leukemia patients is 2-5 times that of healthy people, and the degree of disease is obviously related to the content of nickel in serum. Therefore, the determination of the nickel content in the serum can be used as an auxiliary indicator for the diagnosis of leukemia, and can be used to estimate the condition and predict the trend of change.
Asthma, urinary stones and other diseases are all related to the nickel content in the human body. Nickel also reduces fertility, teratogenic and mutagenic effects. Some data show that drinking water with high nickel content every day will increase the incidence of cancer, especially if you have cancer during radiotherapy and chemotherapy, it is necessary to prevent contact with nickel products. Some ceramic food utensils distributed in the market should be carefully selected for use. Taking a ceramic utensil with high nickel content as a drinking utensil in daily life will increase the chance of disease.
In addition, there are also some sex drugs produced by informal manufacturers with high content of nickel. Therefore, high attention should be paid to nickel and personal health.
Nickel poisoning prevention
(1) Personnel who are exposed to nickel in occupation should go to the hospital for physical examination on a regular basis; persons who are not in occupational exposure to nickel should stay away from the nickel smelting and production environment, especially away from areas with high nickel dust.
(2) For daily stainless steel products, do not hold strong acid or strong alkaline food for a long time to prevent the dissolution of nickel; avoid using stainless steel utensils to decoct Chinese medicine, and avoid the alkaloids and organic acids in Chinese medicine from reacting with them under heating conditions.
(3) Try not to smoke.
(4) Some porcelain water cups and utensils in daily life should be carefully selected.
(5) The state establishes corresponding laws and policies to regulate the environmental pollution of the nickel industry and pays attention to the life safety of special work types.
(6) Legislate recycling of used batteries to avoid environmental pollution.

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