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Five methods of DNA extraction from human whole blood


At present, there are five main methods to extract DNA:


1 Solution-based DNA extraction method

1.1 Method of DNA extraction with an organic solvent solution

1.2 Solution-based DNA extraction method

2 Solid phase DNA extraction method

2.1 Methods for DNA extraction using silica and silica matrix

2.2 DNA extraction with anion exchange resin

2.3 DNA extraction method by magnetic beads

Magnetic separation nucleic acid extraction technology introduction

Since the early 1990s, magnetic separation technology for nucleic acid extraction has been available. Magnetic particles consist of one or more cores, such as magnetite (Fe3O4) or magnetite (γfe 2 o 3). Hydroxyapatite matrix coated with a polymer, silica, or terminally functionalized groups.

The surface of nanoscale magnetic beads is modified by specific active functional groups, which can adsorb nucleic acid. By using different pyrolysis liquid, washing liquid, can under certain conditions the specificity to combine with the target nucleic acid, and the use of built-in magnetic beads, under the action of the external magnetic field, can easily achieve directional movement and enrichment, as to achieve the purpose of the separation of nucleic acid and impurities, the separation and purification of achieving the target material, for purification of nucleic acids.

The magnetic bead method does not require centrifugation and is easy to operate. It is suitable for automatic extraction. The whole extraction process takes a very short time. At present, most of the nucleic acid extractors on the market adopt magnetic bead separation to achieve automation.

Five methods of DNA extraction from human whole blood


Ascend whole blood genomic NDA nucleic Acid Extraction Kit 50T/64T adopts magnetic beads to adsorb DNA, achieving the purpose of rapid purification of whole blood genomic DNA. It is suitable for extracting high-purity genomic DNA from 150-200 μL anticoagulated blood samples. The buffer system can maximize the removal of proteins, pigments, lipids and other inhibitory impurities. The extracted genomic DNA fragments were large, high yield, good purity, stable and reliable.

Whole blood genome NDA nucleic acid extraction Kit 50T avoids the use of phenol, chloroform and other organic solvents, and the recovered DNA can be used for enzyme digestion, PCR, library construction, southern hybridization and other conventional operation experiments.

The whole blood genome NDA nucleic acid extraction kit with a unique buffer can better lyse red blood cells to release DNA, improve the yield, and reduce the damage to genomic DNA, which can protect the integrity of DNA.

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