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What are the precautions for virus sampling tubes?


What is a virus sampling tube?

Virus sampling tube is a complete set of centrifuge tube used for sampling and transportation of influenza virus, hand-foot virus, measles, rubella and other viruses in microbial sampling and transportation tube, also known as specimen transportation tube, has become a commercial product.


What are the precautions for virus sampling tubes?

1. After the virus sampling tube is finished, please send it for testing as soon as possible and transport it at a low temperature of 2 ° C to 8 ° C immediately. Virus sampling tube samples can be left at room temperature for a short time. If long-term storage is required, it should be stored at low temperature below -20℃, or permanently frozen at -70℃. Among them, H1N1 virus particles are sensitive to -20°C and need to be stored below -20°C. If the samples are not transported at low temperature immediately after sampling, or not stored at specified temperature, the positive rate of virus isolation will be affected in the later period.

2. The virus sampling tube is only used for virus sample sampling, not for bacterial sample sampling. The antibiotic contained in the preservation solution itself has an inhibitory effect on bacteria.

3. Direct contact of the virus sampling tube with the sampled person is prohibited. It is forbidden to soak the sampled person in the virus preservation solution for sampling.

4. When collecting virus samples, the sampling procedure should be strictly followed to ensure that the sampling site is correct and the sampling force is uniform. Otherwise, it will affect the positive rate of virus separation.

5. Please do not use the product after its expiration, and the product package is damaged. Please find the manufacturer or distributor in time to replace or report the situation

6. When checking samples, please operate in a laboratory that meets safety standards

7. Please keep the virus sampling tube in strict accordance with the requirements, otherwise it is easy to cause the spread of bacteria. The antibiotics in the previous storage solution can inhibit the microorganisms in the sample, but please do not take any chances and follow the instructions. Strictly store or transport.


Precautions for using virus preservation solution:

1. This product is a disposable product, which is only used for the collection, transportation and preservation of virus specimens collected clinically, and shall not exceed the intended use.

2. Do not use the product after expiration or if the package is damaged.

3. When collecting virus samples, professionals should strictly follow the sampling procedure. When testing samples, they should be performed in laboratories that meet safety standards.

4. Do not soak cotton swabs with preservation solution before sampling.

5. Do not put the storage solution of the virus sample in direct contact with the collection personnel.

6. Specimens shall be transported to the corresponding laboratory within 3 working days after collection, and the storage temperature shall be 2-8 ℃; If the specimen cannot be delivered to the laboratory within 72 hours, it should be stored at a low temperature to avoid repeated freezing and thawing.

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