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What is magnesium stearate

What is magnesium stearate?
Magnesium stearate, chemical formula for C36H70MgO4, molecular weight of 591.24, is an organic compound, is a white sand-free penalty powder, slippery contact with the skin.
Insoluble in water, ethanol or ether, primarily utilized as lubricating substance, anti-adhesion representative, flow help.
Magnesium stearate is especially ideal for the granulation of oil as well as extract medicines, as well as the granules have good fluidness and also compressibility.
Magnesium stearate is made use of as a flow aid in straight pressing.
Magnesium stearate can likewise be utilized as filter aids, clarifiers and lathering agents, along with putting on hold agents and thickeners for fluid prep work.

Prep work approach of magnesium stearate
15 phr of magnesium sulfate was liquified in 150 phr of water, heated to 55 ℃, as well as gradually added to the ready sodium stearate solution, the re-decomposition reaction was accomplished under mixing, and also the magnesium stearate was precipitated as strong.
After the completion of the reaction, the clear liquid was separated, then cleaned with water, dehydrated by centrifugation and also dried out at 80-85 ℃ to obtain the ended up product.

Application area of magnesium stearate
According to different application fields, magnesium stearate can be subdivided right into food quality magnesium stearate, pharmaceutical quality magnesium stearate and also industrial quality magnesium stearate; according to various dose types of products, magnesium stearate can be subdivided right into powdered magnesium stearate and flake magnesium stearate, amongst which powdered magnesium stearate is the mainstream product on the market.

Powdered magnesium stearate is typically utilized as anti-caking agent as well as drug releasing agent in the areas of everyday chemical items, medication and also food. with the rapid advancement of downstream market, the market scale of powdered magnesium stearate will certainly remain to expand.
1. Magnesium stearate is made use of as a warmth stabilizer for PVC, as well as raw materials for cosmetic flour, skin ointment and medical tablets (shaping agent, lube), for lubrication and openness in timber powder, and for clear smoothing agent in paint sector.
2. Widely made use of in food, medication, paint, plastic, rubber, fabric and so on.
3. Magnesium stearate is a brand-new kind of medical excipient, which can be made use of as film covering product for strong preparation, thickener for colloidal liquid prep work, suspending representative and so on.
4. Used in cosmetics for powder products, can improve attachment, lubricity, but likewise can be made use of as basic materials for pharmaceutical tablet computers.

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