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Precautions for vacuum laminating machine repairing mobile phone screen

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The Vacuum Laminator Machine is a machine that uses heating, vacuum compression, and extraction of air from the mobile phone screen to press the screen. There are many precautions when operating the Vacuum Laminator Machine, and there should not be too much negligence. For details, please refer to ORIWHIZ's total mobile phone repair experience below.
Glue removal cleaning
Before repairing the mobile phone screen with the Vacuum Laminator Machine, the old screen must be separated first. The separated screen should be glued and cleaned. To remove glue, you can use a professional glue remover, and for cleaning, we can also use a professional cleaning agent. But the cleaning process must be serious and meticulous. After cleaning, wipe the LCD screen and glass cover with a dust-free cloth to ensure that there is no OCA glue residue or cleaning agent residue on the screen.
Cover OCA optical film
After cleaning, it is coated. Laminating can use simple rollers or professional OCA laminating machine to cover the cleaned LCD screen or glass cover with OCA optical glue. Make sure that the processed OCA glue does not have any small bubbles. In case of small bubbles, the OCA glue must be removed and reworked. Even small bubbles with a large needle tip cannot be removed until the last step of defoaming. Therefore, it is best to buy a better quality laminating machine to process OCA glue. There are special laminating machines and general laminating machines on the market of Vacuum Laminator Machines. Both models have their own advantages and can be purchased according to actual needs.
OCA glue purchase
It is estimated that many people will ignore the purchase of OCA optical glue. Bubbles in the Vacuum Laminator Machine are likely to be related to OCA glue. Therefore, the problem of OCA glue must not be ignored. There are many types of glue to choose from, but the best OCA glues recognized by the screen lamination industry are Mitsubishi and Hitachi’s OCA glues. The glues produced by these two are soft and have good toughness. There are also fewer bubbles from the fit. But the disadvantage is that the price is slightly more expensive, and often out of stock.
Vacuum degree of Vacuum Laminator Machine
The vacuum degree of the Vacuum Laminator Machine must be high. The most important process in the screen maintenance process is the OCA vacuum laminating. Therefore, it is particularly important to purchase a multi-functional and reliable Vacuum Laminator Machine. The machine must first have the function of precise pressure regulation and the heating function of the upper template. The precise pressure regulation can adjust different pressures according to different types of screens to avoid crushing the screen. The upper mold belt heating function can soften the OCA optical glue during lamination so that the laminated screen has fewer bubbles. Secondly, the maximum vacuum value when the vacuum laminator is vacuuming is also very important. Generally, the minimum vacuum degree is required to reach a negative 95% or more, otherwise, the bubbles are difficult to remove.
The purchase of the defoaming machine
The defoaming machine is the last process of screen lamination, and the screen after the vacuum lamination machine can basically be regarded as a big success. But at this time, there will be some small bubbles on individual screens, and then the defoaming machine comes in handy. The working principle of the defoaming machine is similar to that of a pressure cooker. It uses high-pressure gas driven by an air compressor to squeeze out the small bubbles remaining in the screen at high pressure.
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