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Properties and Uses of Stainless Steel Powder

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Metal stainless steel powder made from a stainless steel alloy. The particle shape is regular spherical, the density is 7.9g/cm3, and the average particle size is <33μm. It has excellent corrosion resistance and durability. The spherical particles can be positioned parallel to the coating film's surface and distributed throughout the coating film to form a shielding layer with excellent hiding power to block moisture. It can also be used in the sandblasting machine to process some high precision machining parts. The stainless steel powder is made of low-carbon steel, that is, stainless steel containing 18% to 20% chromium, 10% to 12% nickel, and about 3% molybdenum as raw materials. After atomization, it is ball milled and sieved in the presence of lubricant (stearic acid). It can be graded into pigments, and can also be directly subjected to wet ball milling.

Mainly used for maintenance coatings, heat-resistant and durable coatings, stainless steel flake pigments can produce beautiful natural metallic colors in decorative paints. And it is widely used in the surface finishing treatment of aluminum castings and copper and zinc castings, sandblasting of various metal surfaces, deburring and burrs of cast workpieces, sandblasting, and polishing of the surface of blades and cast products. It can make your product smooth, clean, shiny, and achieve a whitening effect.

The production of stainless steel powder is different from ordinary metal powder because stainless steel is relatively easy to oxidize at high temperatures. Once oxidized, it is difficult to remove the oxide scale on its surface by other methods. Therefore, it is required to remove the factors that cause the oxidation of the stainless steel powder during production. Because of the particular requirements of stainless steel powder, the equipment used to make stainless steel shots is special.

The stainless steel powder production device is the core equipment for producing stainless steel powder. It is specially designed and manufactured according to the production characteristics of stainless steel powder. The entire stainless steel powder production system consists of the following parts. According to the production sequence of stainless steel shots, it is an intermediate frequency melting furnace, tundish, atomization, stainless steel shot collection, component detection, shot separation, classification, weighing and packaging, and storage.

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