A groundbreaking European-made metal 3D printer has been launched to the International Space Station, marking the first time metal 3D printing has occurred in orbit. A pioneering European-made metal 3D printer is on board the Cygnus NG-20 resupply mission to the International Space Station (ISS), launched this week, a program that leverages collaboration between ESA and Airbus to demonstrate space manufacturing potential.

ESA (European Space Agency) technical officer Rob Postema explained that this new 3D printer for printing metal parts represents a world first in an era of growing interest in space manufacturing. Polymer-based 3D printers have been launched to and used on the International Space Station, using plastic materials that are heated in the printer head and then deposited to build the desired object one layer at a time. Metal 3D printing represents a greater technical challenge, involving higher temperatures and the use of lasers to melt metal. In this way, the safety of the crew and the space station itself must be ensured, while maintenance possibilities are very limited. If successful, the metal’s strength, conductivity, and rigidity will take the potential of 3D printing in space to new heights.

Rob added, “As a technology demonstration project, we aim to prove the potential of metal 3D printing in space. We have learned much and hope to learn much about making space manufacturing and assembly a practical solution.” More stuff.

Tommaso Ghidini, Director of ESA’s Mechanical Division, pointed out that metal 3D technology in space printing is a promising capability that can not only support future exploration activities but also enable in-situ manufacturing, repair, and possibly even more sustainable space activities. Contribute. The recycling of space structures has a wide range of applications. This includes on-orbit large-scale infrastructure manufacturing and assembly and long-term human habitation of Earth. These aspects are a key focus of ESA’s upcoming technology cross-cutting program.

3D printing powder-alloy spherical titanium powder

Alloy spherical titanium powder is a material specially used for 3D printing technology. It has the characteristics of high sphericity, good fluidity, and high bulk density. It is very suitable for 3D printing, such as metal powder laser sintering and injection molding. Craftsmanship.

Compared with other shapes of titanium powder, spherical titanium powder is easier to spread and feed evenly during the 3D printing process, thereby achieving better printing results. In addition, spherical titanium powder has good sintering performance and mechanical properties and can print titanium alloy parts with higher density and strength.

Titanium alloy is an excellent structural material with advantages such as high strength, low density, corrosion resistance, and high-temperature stability. Therefore, it has been widely used in aerospace, chemical industry, medical and other fields. 3D printing technology can quickly and accurately manufacture complex titanium alloy parts, greatly improving production efficiency and manufacturing accuracy. Therefore, 3D printing powder alloy spherical titanium powder, as an important 3D printing material, plays an important role in manufacturing titanium alloy parts. When selecting and using, it is necessary to make reasonable selection and processing according to the specific printing process and product requirements to ensure that the printed parts have excellent performance and accuracy.


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