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Volkmann specializes in powder handling and delivery technology, while EOS is a leading 3D printing technology company. The collaboration will combine Volkmann’s expertise in powder handling and EOS’s experience in 3D printing technology to jointly develop an automated metal powder solution for additive manufacturing.

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The solution is designed to address the shortcomings of existing metal powder handling technologies, providing a more efficient, reliable, and sustainable method for preparing, delivering, and handling metal powders in the 3D printing process. Through automation technology, the solution will streamline operating processes, increase production efficiency, and reduce manual intervention and operating costs.

The solution will also play an important role in environmental protection, reducing environmental impact by optimizing the utilization of metal powder and reducing waste. In addition, the solution will provide manufacturers with greater flexibility and customizability to meet different production needs and individual requirements.

Powder handling equipment manufacturer Volkmann GmbH will offer a new range of closed-loop and stand-alone automated metal powder management systems specifically designed to integrate with EOS metal additive manufacturing (AM) systems.

The partnership with the industrial 3D printer manufacturer will provide the EOS Edition powder handling system for its EOS M 400 series machines. A central metal powder management system can automatically control the transfer and loading of materials from storage to the 3D printer for capturing and screening excess powder for reprocessing and for automatic vacuum drying of powder. Buffer storage units and other accessories are also provided with the new system. The EOS version can operate unattended 24/7 as a fully enclosed sealed circuit to eliminate metal dust from the workplace, protect workers from potential exposure, and protect metal powders from ambient moisture and contamination.

3D printing powder is mainly used in the field of metal 3D printing, including but not limited to the following fields

Aerospace: Metal 3D printing powder can manufacture aircraft parts, such as engine parts, fuselage structural parts, etc.

Automobile manufacturing: Metal 3D printing powder can manufacture auto parts, such as engine parts, transmission gears, etc.

(3d printing powder)

Energy field: Metal 3D printing powder can be used to manufacture parts for energy equipment such as gas turbines and nuclear reactors.

Medical field: Metal 3D printing powder can manufacture medical apparatus and instruments, such as dental implants, orthopaedic implants, etc.

(3d printing powder)

Construction field: Metal 3D printing powder can be used to manufacture architectural models, components, etc.


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