Dear Dodo Trailers

It is with great regret that we – Yan Maroussem, Yannick Doger de Spéville and Dominique Doger de Spéville – organisers of the Dodo Trail, announce that the Dodo is retiring.

An annual event – highly appreciated on the local, regional and international scene – the Dodo Trail has been for us an extraordinary human adventure. It has been a difficult decision for us to stop, but due to our personal and professional commitments it is the wisest one.

We wish to thank you warmly for five years of wonderful adventure and sharing of emotions on the courses of the Dodo Fun Run, Mini Dodo, Ti Dodo and Xtreme Dodo Trails.

A huge thanks to all our sponsors and partners who trusted us over these past few years. We have been very fortunate to have had strong support from them, which has enabled us to perfect ourselves over the years and welcome an ever growing number of amateur and professional trailers – as well as many big names in international trail. Thanks also to the Sky Running Federation who have given us great international coverage last year.

Thank you to the Black River Gorges National Park as well as the owners of the 8 private domains we crossed in the last four editions. Thanks to them you were able to discover the most beautiful paths in Western Mauritius.

Thank you to the Dodo Trail team (animator, photographers, therapists, designer, webmaster, rescue team etc …) as well as all the volunteers who worked very hard to ensure flawless logistics, and an ecological and exemplary race.

Last but not least, thanks to you “Dodo Trailers” for participating in this great adventure and sharing these beautiful moments with us.

We will certainly meet again on the beautiful trails of the West!

Sportingly yours,

Yannick Doger de Spéville, Yan de Maroussem and Dominique Doger de Spéville.

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